We combine data insights, imagination, and targeted media to deliver work that reaches the right audiences in the right place at the right time.

Echo-Factory’s strategy and understanding of data are rewriting the rules of the game for our client partners. We can help your teams reliably track ROAS and marketing ROI. And we can help segment and target your audience like never before.

The proof and value of Echo-Factory doesn’t come in the form of extraneous creative awards, but from continuous improvement of your key brand metrics that truly matter.

This changes everything for our clients as we prove our value month-after-month with measurable brand growth and business growth.

See how we made it work.

Motiv’s engineering was already powering a new era of robotics on Mars, but they weren’t getting the recognition they deserved. We helped them fix that.
2023 Inc. 5000 - Number 3, America's fastest growing private companies
We’re built to help our clients grow, but even we were surprised when Birch Creek Energy got named as the country’s fastest growing energy company, and 3rd fastest overall.
CPM - aerial photo of farmland
Our client, CPM, asked, “How can we start to unify thousands of employees over 16+ brands across multiple countries into one united team?” Our answer: build a program that everyone will want to be a part of.
From a White House announcement to the digital media world to the real world of Bay Area conferences, we helped this cybersecurity insurance specialist and broker build their brand’s presence in the market with publicity, events, and activations.
We believe in long-term relationships. This one’s lasted for more than 15 years, and we’ve helped Proponent grow into the world’s largest independent aerospace distributor.
Litegear Auroris: A new dimension of light has arrived.
We helped one of the biggest names in Hollywood lighting brand a brand-new product, and launch it so successfully they were forced to double their initial production order.
Our Pasadena neighbor is one of our highest-profile clients. So it’s no surprise they represent some of our proudest moments.
Two workers with hard hats and brick wall
When some of the biggest names in the advertising world said “no way” to a brand launch on what they called an impossible timeline, we said “no problem.”

When it comes to creativity, ease to do business with, and knowing my business, Echo-Factory went above and beyond in each category.

-Andrew S., VP Marketing