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Customer Acquisition in a Competitive Space


Ready to Compete?

Helping Revibe Compete in an Extremely Competitive Space

Revibe Men’s Health was founded in 2011 as Universal Men’s Clinic.  Originally based in Hawaii, the company expanded to locations across the West, Southwest and Midwest.

Revibe offers their customers customized, expert care for men’s sexual health, weight loss and anti-aging treatments.  Shortly after a change in ownership in 2018, the company came to us with a very specific request: launch and execute a digital customer acquisition project.

Shifting from Traditional to Digital Channels

Before 2018, Revibe had relied heavily on local radio and television advertising to build awareness and drive customer acquisition.  The company’s new owners recognized that with shifting consumer behavior and the growth of online pharmacies, there was no way they could continue to grow and compete without a strong digital presence.  We went to work, building geographically-targeted digital ad campaigns around each of Revibe’s locations.  Even with the disruption to in-person elective healthcare  caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, by the end of 2020, our digital ad campaigns had become Revibe’s primary source of appointment requests.

Taking a Temporary Backseat

In late 2020, Revibe went through a leadership change.  Often, incoming CEOs bring their own marketing teams with them, and this was no exception.   We were happy to continue to play a supporting role, handling website development tasks.  But largely, for a couple years, we were in the background while Universal Men’s Clinic rebranded as Revibe and worked to continue to grow and compete digitally.

Going Up Against Goliaths

By 2023, the landscape of the business had changed again.  Most relevant for our relationship with Revibe, their company leadership changed again, and the marketplace they were operating in became more competitive than ever.  

By early 2023, Revibe’s top three competitors were spending well over $1-million per month on Google PPC advertising alone.  How could they compete?  

When Revibe’s new leadership team asked this question, we had answers.   

To start, after taking back over the management of Revibe’s paid digital channels, we found that while significant increases in competition had driven up costs tremendously, there were still real opportunities for optimization and improvement.  By improving Revibe’s creative and landing pages, we were able to increase click-throughs by 76% YoY, and conversions by 31%.   

We also helped them capitalize strategically on some of their unique advantages.  While companies like Hims offer an impersonal “get your pills in the mail” men’s health experience, Revibe offers its customers a much more personalized experience.   We helped the company to position itself not as a direct competitor to the pills-by-mail brands, but as a provider of concierge medicine who could offer something its competitors couldn’t match.

Growing Against the Odds

Today, Revibe is operating in a marketplace that’s more competitive than ever.  It’s also on-track to experience double-digit YoY growth despite that increased competition, thanks to sophisticated digital campaign improvements and an overall strategy that highlight’s the company’s strengths.  

If that’s the type of growth you’d like to experience for your healthcare brand, we’d be happy to talk.

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