An agency built on relationships.

And relationships built on results.

Our integrated approach to digital media, strategy, and creative combines full-service impact with personalized service. And it’s why our average client relationship is over five years.

Working as an extension of your own team, we give you the resources, insights, and ideas your business needs. Need big creative thinking for your marketing team? Done. Media placement? We can cross that off too. Brand strategy and positioning? Product or system strategies? We live and breathe it.

From strategy to SEO, reimagined websites to rebranded businesses, traditional creative campaigns to cutting-edge digital advertising, and more, we’ve helped companies grow for over 15 years.

A Winning Combination.

Your Business. Our Expertise.

From B2B to B2C, we build everything from specialty brands to market leaders.

Our Team.

We’ve worked at the biggest names in agency world. We’ve led teams at some of the biggest networks. We’ve created big ideas for some of the biggest, most beloved name brands. And now we’re ready to take big swings and grow your business with our collected experience and personalized approach.

Mike Schaffer

CEO & Founder

Mike Schaffer.

I’m lucky to have built my dream job, where I work with great clients and a fantastic, collaborative team every day.
Greg Kane

VP, Account Leadership

Greg Kane.

A focus on getting “one day better” and “having fun doing serious work” guides my work and leadership style.
Andrea Kraybill

People & Operations Director

Andrea Kraybill.

I love running a tight ship with process, helping our stellar team stay energized at work, and, ultimately, delivering results to our clients that make us proud.
Kate Johnson

Creative Director

Kate Johnson.

I thrive on crafting stories fueled by creativity, strategy, and an array of visual experiences while helping mentor and inspire Echo-Factory’s wonderful design team.
Colin Smith

Web Director

Colin Smith.

Web development is one my greatest passions, and I love working with my team to unlock our clients’ marketing potential through online tools.
Andrew Hoehn

Head of Strategy

Andrew Hoehn.

I love “aha” moments where hours, days, or even weeks of research come together in an insight that we know will help a client win.
Lorenzo Martone

Account Director

Lorenzo Martone.

My goal is to make clients feel they have a trusted partner, someone that cares about their business. I aim for the “extra mile” every day.
Theresa Gozum

Account Director

Theresa Gozum.

I love figuring things out and making things possible. I live for the “Aha!”. Doing that within a company culture that simply rocks: that’s almost better than coffee (almost!).
Marcela Holguin

Director of Project Management

Marcela Holguin.

I love working with a team full of passionate, skilled, and thoughtful collaborators.
Lynn Porter

Project Manager

Lynn Porter.

I believe that with communication, humor, and, of course, a good list, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished.
Samantha Sullivan

Project Manager

Samantha Sullivan.

Through trust, collaboration, a willingness to learn (and a little structure) there is nothing we can’t accomplish together!
Breann Mueller

Front End Developer

BreAnn Mueller.

I am a problem solver and have a unique love for both design and development. I get excited about SEO, A/B testing, data of any kind, and any four-legged canine friend that wanders my way.
Nate Yates

Associate Design Director

Nate Yates.

What brings me joy is putting the work out into the world, collaborating to build a functional and beautiful product or service for our clients, and finding daily creative inspiration to keep me going.
Carl Custodio

Art Director

Carl Custodio.

My goal is to consider an empathetic narrative to develop an intimate relationship through design, communication, and collaboration.
Michael Zaluzny

Director of Digital Outreach

Michael Zaluzny.

A love for all things out of the box, experimentation, and education drives me to find new pathways and solutions.
Bell Blankenship

Production Coordinator

Bell Blankenship.

I’m passionate about helping find solutions in whatever way I can, as well as getting to know our employees on a personal level.

Echo-Factory has excellent customer service and always goes above and beyond to deliver excellent results with a personal touch.

Ruth G., VP, Marketing & Communications, AllClear

More About Us.


Content studio.

With our in-house photo studio, we can create high-quality content and publication-ready photography quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Unique Expertise.

We can make museum-worthy installations to wow customers. We can re-brand investor-worthy market leaders to drive growth. Across a range of executions, our talent brings their best.


A talented coast-to-coast team.

With a team that stretches across the country, we’ve mastered the remote work world and know how to deliver for your business across time zones and continents.


Connected to the culture.

While we have a nationwide team of talent, we’re proud to call Old Town Pasadena home and be part of Southern California’s vibrant creative community.