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Positron: Location-based virtual reality

Change Your Marketing Perspective with Location-Based VR

The rise of location-based VR in recent years has sparked a wave of excitement in the tech world. Not only is VR pushing the limits of immersive gaming and film technology, but it’s also allowing people and brands to connect like never before. Brands now have a hyper-immersive way to leverage attention, reel in dedicated…
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Wait, We’re 10?

10 years ago, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and triggered a global recession, the Large Hadron Collider was switched on in Switzerland and failed to end the universe as we know it, Obama was elected president and also failed to end the universe as we know it, and Echo-Factory opened its doors for the first time.…
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Friday Coffee Meetup

Growing A Community of Innovation in Pasadena We make no secret of our fawning love for our hometown of Pasadena, but one of the reasons we love it so much isn’t something that people tend to associate with the city: it has a thriving tech and innovation scene. Never content to sit on the sidelines…
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Essence teaching linkbuilding strategies at Echo-Factory

An Introductory Guide to Linkbuilding

Once upon a time, way before Google was born in 1998, the way we searched for things on the internet was through the likes of AOL, MSN and Netscape, and a site’s interface was usually a combination of loud colors, confusing navigation systems, and links, links, and more links (and not one Zelda reference in…
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Digital Marketing Your CFO Will Love

4 Formulas That Will Prove Your Impact on the Bottom Line CFOs are not known for encouraging you to spend more. Not, at least, without good reason. The key to making your CFO happy with expanding your digital marketing budget is to give them a very good reason. Honestly, you should give yourself a very…
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Want to Control the Conversation? Make It Easy for the Media

(article written for CSQ Magazine) How to capitalize on the overworked, understaffed world of journalists and bloggers When Lumber Liquidators stock (NYSE:LL) plunged 60 percent in late February of this year, it wasn’t because of aBloomberg or Wall Street Journal investigation. It was because 25-year-old UCLA dropout-turned-investor Xuhua Zhou had a suspicion that the company’s…
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Using Trigger Systems to Avoid PR Nightmares

In the latest issue of CSQ, our very own Mike Schaffer writes about how you can use trigger systems to avoid PR nightmares. In case you’re not familiar with trigger systems (which are kind of our new favorite thing), let’s catch you up. A trigger-system is a planned group of marketing activities that support a…
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Separating the Brilliant from the Bull**** in Ad Tech

How I learned to value ROI when making purchasing decisions, even in the ad tech space Every week, I come across about 10 new advertising technologies that are going to “transform the face of marketing.” New platforms that peer into consumers’ minds and behaviors and phones and computers, and promise to use the power of…
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The Faux Resurrection of Branding

It has been announced that branding is dead, and perhaps has been for some time. Wired claimed it in 2004. Fast Company agreed to it in 2008. A bearded creative director confirmed it just this year. Consultants preach it. Commentators bemoan its loss. One book even goes so far as to suggest that branding is…
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