Zobo Heaters

Product Promotion

Creating Consumer Awareness for Big Box Retailers

How do you sell your products in a big-box retail environment without getting stuck on aisle F23 where no-one will ever find them? That’s the challenge that Legacy Outdoor Products was facing with their Zobo propane-powered space heaters.  They’d secured a distribution deal with the Home Depot, but with over 30,000 products in stores, and more than a million online, they knew they needed to stand out from the competition.   So, they came to Echo-Factory.

We believe that just because your product is utilitarian, doesn’t mean your marketing has to be.  We knew that Zobo’s products were popular with hunters, construction workers, ice fisherman and blue-collar workers in cold climates.  So, we came up with a message that would get their attention.

“We want to warm your bits… not in a weird way.”

Then, we developed and deployed that message into an effective campaign.  We launched a website, animated video, support materials and a digital campaign to drive interest in the heaters.  Today, Zobo has already successfully launched in Home Depot, and they’ve demonstrated impressive demand from consumers who love the product, and embrace the outreach style of Legacy Outdoor Products.