Lobos by Yardi

Demand Response Technology

Transition from a Services-Based company into a Product-Based Company 

In 2011, Enerliance had developed an intelligent tool named LOBOS that helped large buildings operate more efficiently, be more comfortable and automatically participate in demand response. They came to Echo-Factory for help transitioning into the next stage of their growth: turning LOBOS from something that was integrated directly by LOBOS engineers, into a product that could be purchased and installed by qualified partners around the country. We helped them transition from a service-based company into a product-based company.

We started by creating a visual identity and a website that explained the benefits of LOBOS to the product’s target demographic. Then, we developed materials that Enerliance could take to tradeshows and industry events to promote their new product. With those in place, we launched an ongoing PR and blogging campaign to help get word out about the potential for LOBOS.

Today, LOBOS systems are installed in more than 40-million square feet of office space, delivering $3-million in annual energy savings and 16 megawatts of fully-automated demand response capacity to the electrical grid. LOBOS systems are scheduled to be installed in an additional 34-million square feet of space.