Uncle Milton

Updating an E-Commerce Platform

Upgrading e-commerce platform to include automated marketing.

Uncle Milton has been inspiring learning through epic Star Wars battles, Marvel superhero engineering and other out-of-the-box platforms since 1946. Popularity was soaring for one of these products—the Ant Farm®—when they came to us. The problem was, when retail customers visited the website to order live ants, there was no way to harness subsequent sales. So, we designed a Trigger System to do just that.

We migrated info from an existing ecommerce platform, creating an ecommerce site with ongoing-offer email capture and an interface able to deftly track—and respond to—marketing performance. Within weeks, return-visitor site traffic was up from 18% to 41%—a 134% increase in the most valuable visitor type. Year-over-year traffic increased 75%, bounce rate decreased 34% and unique-visitor email opt-ins reached 26%.