TriMas Aerospace

Introducing TriMas As Parent Company

Developing a cohesive brand that built upon subsidiary companies’ reputations, without diluting the power of each company’s individual brand.

TriMas Aerospace came to us facing a unique challenge, and opportunity. The opportunity was that TriMas is a conglomerate representing four of the most respected aerospace fastener manufacturers in the industry. The challenge was that TriMas itself had very little name recognition in the industry.

Our challenge was to develop a cohesive brand that brought each individual company’s reputation under the umbrella of TriMas, without diluting the power of each member company’s individual reputation.

We’re always up for a good challenge, so we delivered results in the form of a fresh, new presence at industry trade shows and events, completely revamped printed materials, an online advertising campaign and a refreshed brand. Combined, these materials helped to make TriMas a recognized, and respected presence in the aerospace fastener market.