TopGear Sunglasses

Licensed Product Launch

New Product Launch for Top Gear Licensed Sunglasses

With over 350 million viewers, Top Gear a worldwide motorsports phenomenon.  The Top Gear brand stretches far beyond motorsports, attracting a wide range of fans who would probably never watch another “car show.”

Which is why Top Gear’s parent company, BBC Worldwide, saw an opportunity to partner with Eagle Eyes and develop the first ever line of high performance Top Gear Sunglasses.  And lucky for us, we got picked to introduce Top Gear Sunglasses to the world.

We built the Top Gear Sunglasses brand to match the character of the show.  Fun, well-designed, technologically advanced and a bit irreverent.

We started out with a photo shoot (aka a great excuse to rent some fast cars), then built the brand with packaging, retail displays, printed materials, a website and an online and social media campaign to promote the launch of the sunglasses.

Today, consumers have the opportunity to interact with one of their favorite brands in new ways, including putting it on their face.