Targeted Online Campaign

Targeting Developers, combining both humor and specific solutions developers are looking for.

TeleSign provides its users with leading account security and user verification services. The $230 million cloud communications platform built its business on an enterprise sales model. That platform has earned the trust of recognizable customers like Evernote, Salesforce, Tinder and many more. But increasing competition and a drive for continued growth led TeleSign to launch a self-service sales model that targeted software developers instead of executives.

TeleSign came to Echo-Factory for help reaching developers with its new product.

We started by profiling app developers, making sure we clearly understood their process and needs, and the ways that TeleSign’s services could fit into that process.

Next, we developed and implemented a highly targeted online campaign that spoke directly to developers, combining both humor and the specific solutions for which developers are looking.

We integrated that campaign with effective, high-converting landing pages that made it easy for developers to sign up and experience TeleSign’s best-in-class services first hand. Once they saw what TeleSign offered, it was easy for them to become dedicated customers.

Today, TeleSign is effectively reaching an entirely new demographic of customers, thanks in large part to the effectiveness of its developer outreach campaign.