Positron Voyager Experience

A Marketing Team

Crafting a Premium Brand to Match a Premium Product

Imagine a chair that lets you ascend into the clouds, swim with sharks and run from dinosaurs – but until you sit in it, it just sort of looks like futuristic furniture. Meet the Positron Voyager. For VR tech innovators Positron, the challenge of bringing their Voyager® chair to market has been expressing the breathtaking experience of a fully-immersive cinematic VR chair without someone actually sitting in it.

They came to Echo-Factory with an excellent product, an innovative content distribution model, an ambitious launch roadmap and several high-profile partnerships. What they needed was a cohesive brand story to tell content creators, LBE venues and potential investors, and a new website, social media strategy, pitch decks and marketing collateral to communicate and reinforce that brand story.

Our strategy has been to develop a B2B communication rollout, skinned in B2C visuals and with the more playful soft-sell tactics of a consumer-facing campaign. We created a visual style that is versatile enough to pitch family content to Disney or horror content to Blumhouse. The brand voice attempts to translate the experience of having a conversation with a Positron staffer into the brand’s public persona: it is approachable, intelligent, fun and focused on expertise without being too technical.

In a heavily competitive VR marketplace, Positron is well-armed with a versatile brand that positions it as the go-to product and content distribution platform for premium cinematic VR.

Echo-Factory is one of the top advertising agencies in Los Angeles. Hiring them to be our marketing agency was one of the smartest decisions we’ve made…from marketing strategy to communications,  their attention to detail, amazing responsiveness, and killer materials leave us very happy. Most of all, the team at Echo-Factory are genuine human beings who know how to listen deeply to their customers and deliver what they need.

Jeffrey Travis, CEO, Positron