Pick My Solar

Through our work with LA Cleantech Incubator, we discovered a new start-up with a fascinating story and approach to helping homeowners harness solar power. Pick My Solar was founded in 2013 by Max Aram and Chris Blevins, both of whom had experience in the solar industry and felt that many potential customers were getting turned away by an unwieldy sales process. Their idea was to gather a set of comparable bids from reputable solar installers in one place for customers to review. Pick My Solar’s staff would be solar advocates – experts in the industry and completely customer-focused. They would be there every step of the way, from helping a customer sign a contract with an installer to seeing the last panel installed on the customer’s roof.

Though their website was informative and their approach refreshing, they came to us hoping to increase the amount of traffic to the site – and therefore, boost business.

Since they came to us in the spring, the heat was on to meet the demand for the summer months – the prime season for solar installations. After researching the market, we determined the best marketing efforts to take and where to take them. First, we refreshed their website copy and redesigned the navigation. We also set up a Pay Per Click campaign to drive more traffic to the site.

In putting all of these elements in place, we also implemented a schedule for follow-up e-mails to go out to prospective customers. Sometimes it’s not just having the right tools for the right audience, it’s knowing how to use them most effectively. Timing can make a big difference. It was important that all our efforts centered around the website, since that is the primary channel through which Pick My Solar is conducting their business.

Max and Chris believe that more people would go solar with the right information and a simplified process. We’re putting them closer to the people who are looking for just that. In doing so, we’re getting them closer to their dream of putting solar panels on every compatible rooftop in the nation.

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