Credit Union Visa Campaign

Helping you introduce new products to your customers. 

Since 1952, Pacific Marine Credit Union has been providing financial services to Marines, Sailors and civilians living throughout Southern California. But even for such a respected institution, launching new products can be a challenge.  Thay’s why they asked Echo-Factory to help them promote a new Visa Platinum card the credit union was offering.

Based on the San Diego credit union’s past experience, they were able to set what they felt was an achievable, but challenging goal for new credit card signups. 

We developed a cross-media campaign centered on the concept of zero.  A 0% APR promotional period, $0 balance transfer fees and the credit union’s legendary zero-hassle approach to customer service. Then, we launched that campaign across several media channels.  Direct mail, print ads and even billboards along highway 15. 

The launch and campaign supporting it was an unequivocal success, meeting, then exceeding the credit union’s goals and putting their new product on a strong footing.