Digital Launch

Introducing E-Commerce and Digital Marketing to a Classic Brand

The site, which features a total visual overhaul and e-commerce platform as part of a greater MagLite rebranding effort, is built using responsive web design that accommodates visitors’ ever-changing Internet viewing habits and shines the spotlight not just on the product, but on the Maglite story, its place as an iconic American brand, and the loyalty Mag Instruments’ impeccably crafted flashlights inspire in their users.

One of the site’s defining attributes is its original photography. Images of new Maglite product highlight the flashlights’ careful craftsmanship and patented design, while photos of MagLites featuring wear and tear communicate their rugged dependability and enduring quality. These photos serve as a visual backdrop to the customer stories that make up such an important part of the site’s branded message.

People write in all the time with stories about their MagLites, they’ve been dropped in boiling oil, they’ve rolled off cliffs, and they keep on shining. The flashlights are built to last, and we wanted the photos and stories that communicate this truth to be front and center on the new website, because these stories tell the history of the brand.

Echo Factory creative director agrees. “Having such a great product and loyal customer base definitely made our job easier—but that’s the beauty of working with such an exceptional company. MagLite flashlights are a mainstay of American ingenuity. Our job as strategic designers was to build a strong platform for the products, which would put customer loyalty front and center. It’s time to pass the torch, so to speak, on to a new generation of MagLite users, and who better to do that than the people who’ve been depending on MagLites for the past thirty plus years.”