Last Name Brewing

Dale Bros. Brewery has a special place in our hearts, and an even special’er place on our taste buds. When we started working with them on a kegerator-based-retainer several years ago, they were a small, local craft brewery with a small, but dedicated following. Now, they’ve grown into a new location, opened up new markets and earned lots of new, even more dedicated, fans.

Then last year, Dale Bros. got some bad news from the US Patent and Trademark Office. It turns out that there’s another Dale in Craft Brewing, and they were here first.

Hiring an army of lawyers isn’t really Curt & Andy Dale’s style, so they worked with us to launch a new name. Dale Bros. Brewery would become Last Name Brewing.

For months, we worked behind the scenes with Dale Bros. to turn this challenge, into an opportunity. We developed the new branding, packaging, online assets and the hundreds of other things that needed to be updated with the new name. Then we planned a social and PR campaign to introduce the name to the world.

On April first, we launched a teaser campaign about big changes coming soon to Dale Bros. Throughout the month, we kept teasing bits of information to keep followers and fans interested. Then, on May 1st we helped Last Name Brewing throw a party to introduce its new brand to the world.

The response from fans was overwhelming, and overwhelmingly positive.
We’re happy to have been able to help Curt, Andy and the rest of the Last Name Brewing crew turn something that could have been devastating, into an opportunity to reach more people than ever before.

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