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Every year, San Francisco sends more than 19,000 tons of textiles to the landfill. Goodwill is looking to solve that problem, and their goBIN project is a big step in that direction.

Goodwill goBINs are intelligent, wirelessly connected donation bins designed to be deployed to the lobbies of apartment buildings. Apartment dwellers can place their unwanted textiles in the donation bins, and when the bin is full, it’ll automatically call a Goodwill driver to pick it up.

But Goodwill recognized that to be successful, goBINS had to be easy and fun for building mangers to setup and use. So they brought in Echo-Factory to help.

We worked with Goodwill to develop a series of HowTo videos and setup guides that make deploying the goBIN a snap.

Today, goBINs are being deployed in a pilot program in San Francisco. Soon, they’ll be available to Goodwill chapters around the country.