Fulgent Genetics

Pivoting from Genetic Testing to COVID-19 Testing

Pre-COVID, Fulgent Genetics offered genetic health-screening services to both healthcare providers and individuals. Their genetic testing services can help patients and doctors understand their health risks for a wide range of conditions and take action to mitigate many of those risks as early as possible.

When COVID hit, Fulgent recognized that a lab that was set up for genetic sequencing could easily pivot to COVID-19 testing, and the company’s software development capabilities meant that they could quickly launch a range of tools targeted at COVID-related challenges.

So, they did.

Fulgent rapidly developed and, with the help of Echo-Factory, deployed a number of COVID-19 solutions.

The company’s at-home testing kits enable individuals to take COVID-19 tests from the comfort of their own homes and get results in as little as 2 days.

For businesses and educational institutions, Fulgent developed back-to-work and back-to-campus solutions that combine planning, testing, analytics, and management tools. Essentially, an all-in-one solution for businesses, colleges, and universities.

Northwestern University was one of Fulgent’s first back-to-campus customers, soon followed by the city of New York’s public school system, the Pac-12 athletic conference and others.

With their product line established (though continually evolving), we helped Fulgent launch digital outreach that targeted the businesses, educational institutions and public facilities who could most directly benefit from their COVID testing products and services.

Today, Fulgent is processing hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 tests, and delivering results to businesses and institutions across the country who are using that data to help keep their employees, students, customers and the general public safe as we move forward during the pandemic.