Eagle Eyes

Brand Loyalty Campaign

Eagle Eyes isn’t just another sunglasses brand. Developed from original NASA optic technology, Eagle Eyes’ lenses are the only sunglasses lens to receive the Space Foundation’s Lifetime Certified Space Technology™ seal.

In 2017, we built Eagle Eyes a robust new eCommerce site and targeted digital campaign around their innovative lens technologies. Less than a year post-launch, sales were up more than 130%.

After the success of technology-focused marketing, the brand wanted to reach customers on an emotional level—so we created Heroes.

Our real-life heroes came from all over the U.S. Some, like Apollo 7 astronaut Walt Cunningham, were longtime Eagle Eyes fans, while others, like fire captain Jodi Slicker, were new. But they all loved the brand’s powerful protection.

Each hero did an in-depth interview and photo/video shoot, which were used to create arresting digital collateral: videos, landing pages, emails, ads, social & more. Heroes has generated new leads and immensely positive feedback from loyal customers.

Eagle Eyes' website on a desktop computer
Eagle Eyes heroes