Cypress Creek Renewables

Local Solar Digital Branding

Helping you find the best way to reach customers with your brand.

Climate change, national security and technological advancement are reshaping the energy industry. The days of fossil fuels and nuclear power are coming to an end, and a new, clean energy model is taking center stage.

Cypress Creek Renewables is one of the nation’s leading developers of small, utility scale solar farms. As such, they have experienced significant and rapid growth over the past two years, and it was up to us to help them manage their marketing and branding efforts to accommodate the changes this growth demanded.

Through extensive research, strategic planning and collaboration, we have helped Cypress Creek establish credibility and stand out in an ever more crowded marketplace. We accomplished this by developing creative that communicated their vision and explained their purpose to a number of audience groups with varying levels of background knowledge.

Using the core message that Cypress Creek is the “leader in local solar” and delivering that message through media channels including web, print and social, we have positioned Cypress Creek to be directly in front of their various b2b and b2c audiences, and presented their brand in a way that resonates most effectively with each group.

Cypress Creek is working to reshape this country’s energy future for the better one solar farm at a time and we are proud to be a part of this effort.