Custom Case Group

Online Lead Generation

Continued ongoing growth through Digital Marketing

It’s easy to point to results from a single project, a short campaign or a brief marketing push. What we like about our work with Custom Case Group is that it shows the value of sustained, ongoing content marketing.

Custom Case Group makes, well, custom cases. Everything from mil-spec weapons carriers used by the military in active-duty roles, to drone cases used by hobbyists in their backyards. When they came to us in early 2014, they had a great reputation in their core industry, but wanted to turn their website into a source of new business in an expanded market.

We started with research and a strategy designed to help them meet their goals. Next, we launched a website that was built from the ground up to attract and convert people searching online for custom cases. The results were immediate.

For the first time, Custom Case Group was able to track the source of every phone call and message that came from their website. We used that same data to optimize our content marketing, paid advertising and public relations efforts toward the sources that were most likely to turn into customers.

Over the coming months, we built on our initial success, and helped Custom Case Group expand beyond its traditional customer base to reach new groups of customers like drone hobbyists, outdoor enthusiasts and medical professionals.

Throughout our relationship with Custom Case Group, their marketing budgets have remained relatively consistent. But, by maintaining a continued, ongoing relationship, we’ve been able to deliver growth that builds on every month’s past success. The result is that Custom Case Group’s website is not only a source of new customers every month, but a source of new customers that grows every month.