CloudPets Product Launch

New Product Launch through Direct Response and DIgital Marketing

When CloudPets initially launched its smartphone-connected talking plush animals on a small scale, its founders were focused on product development, not marketing or consumer outreach.  So before they launched a nationwide $9.5-million advertising campaign, they came to Echo-Factory for a bit of help.

 We used the original direction established by the company’s founders to develop a brand that could operate on a national scale.  We started with a consumer-focused website that’s a hub for everything CloudPets.  Visitors can learn about the talking toys, get their questions answered and interact with other CloudPets fans.

We also built a social media and online outreach campaign that put early review-units in the hands of influential bloggers, and engaged potential consumers through social media.  We created a series of “HowTo” videos that show just how easy it is to use the smartphone connected toys, and designed packaging that’s ready to support CloudPets’ retail availability. 

As a result, when CloudPets launched their product on a national scale, that launch was supported by compelling branding, an engaged online community and a host of resources ready to support new, happy CloudPets customers.