Digital Marketing Strategy

Shifting social media strategy to tap into luxury and aspirational travel community.

Airline travel can be miserable, but Cabeau’s premium travel pillows and comfort accessories can make even an economy airline seat much more comfortable.  When the company came to us for help with their social media outreach, we built a strategy that focused on the experience of upgrading your travel.


We made Cabeau’s social media presence synonymous with making the travel experience more luxurious.  We published content that taught the brand’s social media followers how to get the most out of every flight, hotel stay and travel experience.  How to get the most out of being stuck in economy, and how to occasionally get out of economy and into the rarified air towards the front of the aircraft.


We were essentially making the brand’s social media presence do the same things its products do.  The connection wasn’t lost on consumers.  During the campaign we set new records for traffic to Cabau’s online store from social media platforms, and then broke those records repeatedly over subsequent months.