AeroPrecision + Kellstrom Defense Rebrand

When two large, successful and well-regarded companies come together, how do you present them in a way that retains the goodwill they’ve built over decades, while clearly presenting the new opportunities brought about by their merger?

That’s exactly the challenge that Aero Precision and Kellstrom Defense faced after Aero Precision acquired Kellstrom Defense in March 2020. Both companies were well regarded in the defense aircraft sustainment space, and both had customers who were concerned about any changes, while being cautiously optimistic about the opportunity for increased services.

The combined company came to Echo-Factory for an in-depth assessment and strategy, culminating in the launch of a new brand and associated materials.

We started with a significant amount of research, interviewing key personnel at both companies as well as customers, partners and more. That research led us to a clear strategy, and after presenting it to the client, they were completely on board.

We then applied that brand strategy to creating a name, logo, website and library of sales, outreach and support materials, along with both internal and external brand introductions. We were even able to pull it all off on a schedule that was compressed by a month midstream.

On August 17, we launched the brand-new brand, AllClear, to the world. The response from customers and employees was overwhelmingly positive, and today AllClear is recognized as one of the aerospace defense sustainment market’s leading providers.