5 Little Monkeys

Brand Development & Launch

Helping introduce a brand and in a new category.

Over the past few years, direct, online mattress-in-a-box sales have revolutionized the mattress industry. Casper, Tuft & Needle and the like invented the category, and turned it into a $1.5 billion annual marketplace. But with all this growth, there was still one important consumer demographic that hadn’t been addressed: kids.

The inventors of 5 Little Monkeys saw this gap in the marketplace, and decided to fill it. After designing a memory foam mattress that met the unique needs of growing children, they came to Echo-Factory to get their product ready to launch.

We started, like we always do, with research and strategy. We helped the founders better understand their marketplace, their competition and what parents and kids are looking for. Then, we turned that into a brand complete with a logo and the branding elements they’d need to succeed in the marketplace. After building a brand that would appeal to parents and children, we turned our attention to how we could best introduce that brand to the world.

Today, 5 Little Monkeys is successfully following its direct sales model, bringing a better mattress-buying experience to parents, and a better night’s sleep to kids everywhere.