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ZPower Product Launch


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Every day, while we enjoy rechargeable laptops, smartphones and even cars, millions of hearing aid wearers are stuck changing their batteries like it’s 1996.  That’s because until now, there was no rechargeable battery technology that could deliver the power advanced hearing aids need, in the tiny size of a hearing aid battery.

ZPower invented the technology, but to deliver it to millions of hearing aid wearers, they had to first get the word out.  That’s where we came in.

We developed a strategy that would help drive demand for ZPower’s rechargeable hearing aid system from both consumers, and hearing professionals.  Then we executed that strategy as advertisements, trade show displays, product packaging, POP displays, websites, videos and more.  Today, ZPower’s rechargeable solution is being shipped to retailers across the country and around the world, pushed by overwhelming demand.  Soon, ZPower batteries will be making life better for millions of hearing aid wearers.