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In 2010, lighting manufacturer Precision-Paragon [P2] decided they were ready to turn their website into a source of new business. They asked Echo-Factory to figure out how that could be done.

The strategy we implemented was simple on the surface. Create educational content that would be useful to potential customers, then promote that content in relevant outlets across the Internet.
The content we’ve created has not only brought more traffic to [P2]’s website, but has helped to establish the company as a respected source of information in energy efficient lighting.

The lighting retrofit calculator we developed for the campaign has allowed more than 16,000 visitors to calculate the potential energy savings and environmental benefits of a lighting retrofit in their facility. An infographic we developed has helped more than 2,000 visitors compare Fluorescent, HID, Induction and LED lighting technology.

Since we began our search engine optimization and content marketing campaign for [P2], the manufacturer’s web traffic is up over 300% and continues to be a regular source of new business. This online marketing campaign has turned [P2]’s website from a passive asset into a significant source of new business.