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Maglite Commercials



As a trusted American brand for more than 30 years, the name MagLite is synonymous with flashlights. The technology behind MagLite revolutionized the lighting products industry, and its reputation for high quality and superior engineering is such that both Fortune and Money magazines list Mag Instruments as among the 100 products “America makes best.”

But having a great product and a great reputation is only part of the success equation. Consumer memory is short and the changing media landscape demands that businesses constantly evolve both their message and its method of delivery.

That’s why MagLite came to Echo-Factory.

Our goals in working with MagLite are twofold. First, we want to deliver the MagLite message of quality to a new and younger generation. Second, we want to develop creative that communicates the message that MagLite is a source of safety and dependability when their consumers need it most.

The starting point: writing and producing two commercials for MagLite on The Weather Channel. Every region that The Weather Channel covers experiences its own weather events. From tornados to wildfires, we had to make sure that the commercials speak to the needs and apprehensions of all viewers. We created the commercials with this dynamic messaging in mind, and so far, the response has been very positive.