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When we met Gordon McDougall at an investor meeting, he was about to transition his mobile app company, Bitzio, into an emerging fashion brand acquisition company. We thought that was something we could hang our hat on, and Gordon asked us to come on board. Gordon’s idea was that fashion should be a democracy, for the people and by the people. He had assembled a core team of professionals with vast experience in the fashion industry, from designing and managing brands to financial investment to corporate organization. Collectively, they would help niche apparel brands who needed more capital and resources to expand in the marketplace.

Gordon knew the company needed a new name. So we brainstormed. ‘Democratique’ fuses the concept of the company and sets the tone for the business.

We designed a new logo, with crossed quills representing the fashion world and a star to reflect a democratic ideal. Then we created a website with dramatic black-and-white images and bold financial statements, balancing the look of clean sophistication for both potential brands and investors. The website now features a blog with a regular focus on helping brands uncover and optimize parts of their business.

For the launch of Democratique at the LD Micro Conference in December 2013, we designed postcards and brochures to attract investors. Our design was simple but the message was bold, communicating to investors that Democratique was serious about turning profits and disrupting the global fashion industry. For the day of the event, we designed a presentation and investor fact sheet. The room was full of investors, and Democratique’s stock prices rose that same day.

We’re excited to be a part of a behind-the-scenes company in fashion, and helping businesses stay competitive and grow is definitely something that wears well on us.