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Survival of the Creative (est)

01/31/2016 by Echo-Factory
Creative Machines by Arich Harrison In the interest of survival, we need to face reality: Robots are taking our jobs. Given this reality, then, the burning question on the minds of the wisest future-minded folks should be: What jobs (if any) will robots never be able to do? (more…)

Rockview Farms – Our Newest Client

10/29/2015 by Echo-Factory

Rockview Farms LogoEcho-Factory today announced that it has been named agency of record for Rockview Family Farms, a leading dairy products company operating facilities throughout Southern California and Nevada. Rockview owns its farms and cows and represents one of the last family-run and independently operated fluid milk plants in Southern California. The company offers competitively priced products with the highest quality ingredients and is set apart by its unique relational approach to customer service. (more…)

Relive the Battle: Art v Tech 2015

10/21/2015 by Andrew Hoehn
Monday evening, art squared off against technology in the battle of the decade.  Quite possibly even the battle of the millennium.  If you were one of the chosen few (well, ~100) in the crowd, you already know how things went down.  If not, you can watch the whole thing right here. Thanks to our panelists, Innovate Pasadena and the rest of the Connect Week 2015 sponsors for helping to make it happen.
Get Art Out Of Technology Panelists - Battle of The Century

Thanks to our panelists from Ableton, Red Digital Cinema Camera Company and Echo-Factory, and our moderator from Kadenze!

Let’s Argue Art & Technology

10/13/2015 by Echo-Factory
Get Art out of Technology   Don't you hate it when you're trying to create art, and all these pixels and 1's and 0's get in the way?  It's like, "Come on! I'm trying to do some art here, not get jacked in to net pages and such!" So frustrating. (more…)

My Everyday Carry – One Digital Creative’s Indispensable Apps & Services

07/15/2015 by Andrew Hoehn
A couple years ago I moved to a part of the country where people take self defense and disaster preparedness very seriously. Here, many of my neighbors use the term “everyday carry” for the (usually large caliber) handguns they have on their persons at all times. Handguns they feel they couldn’t live without, and which they plan to deploy in the event of a terrorist/bear/zombie attack. (more…)

Want to Control the Conversation? Make It Easy for the Media

07/10/2015 by Michael Schaffer
(article written for CSQ Magazine)

How to capitalize on the overworked, understaffed world of journalists and bloggers

    When Lumber Liquidators stock (NYSE:LL) plunged 60 percent in late February of this year, it wasn’t because of aBloomberg or Wall Street Journal investigation. It was because 25-year-old UCLA dropout-turned-investor Xuhua Zhou had a suspicion that the company’s CARB compliant products weren’t actually CARB compliant. He paid for an independent lab to confirm that suspicion, and published his findings on a blog, Seeking Alpha. (more…)

Are You ‘Killing’ Your Creatives?

06/25/2015 by Echo-Factory

collage illustrating unhappy creatives

Your Leadership Style Could Be Your Company's Ultimate Demise

Are your deliverables becoming the duckface selfies of the ad world? Is your stuff leaving a smile-frown on your clients’ faces? It could be that your leadership style is killing your company’s mojo. To succeed, your creative agency must operate like an organism healthy enough to give birth to new ideas—and with great prolifery. That said, let me share with you the brutal truth: You will watch your agency die a slow and painful death if you fail to protect yourself from the fatal disease of micromanagement. (more…)

Let’s All Freak-Out About Mobilegeddon. Or Not.

04/22/2015 by Andrew Hoehn
A FAQ About Google’s New Algorithim Update Yesterday, Google updated its search algorithm so that when you search on a mobile device, you’ll be more likely to get results for pages that are mobile-optimized. It seems like the most obvious thing in the world, and the only question everyone should be asking is, “What took so long?” (more…)

Building A New ‘Oz’ For Advertising Photography

04/10/2015 by Echo-Factory

Unlimited Usage Rights Are Forging A Golden Road To Better Client Relations In Advertising Photography

Photo, we're not in Kansas anymore — the yellow brick road of the digital age now leads us all to a land overflowing with digital visual delights. And it’s time the advertising photography industry got the picture. So listen up, Scarecrow. (more…)