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New Client - New Logo

09/12/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

Marie Renteria came to us looking to create some materials that will help her to separate herself from average realtors. We jumped at the chance. Check out the results below.

Marie Renteria Logo

Pictures That Move

09/04/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

We got to work on a Cal-Spas shoot with the good people at Media Stream Partners recently. They did the video’ing, we did the set-design, still photography and some art-direction. They just sent over a trailer for the video, and I’ve got to say, it’s not half bad.

Double the Pages - Double the Fun

09/04/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

We’ve mentioned the esteemed publication Metro Magazine in the past, but you should know that there’s yet another publication available to true connoisseurs of heavy equipment.  Diesel Progress North America showcases the latest developments and products in the world of large machinery.  A logical place for Thermal Structures Inc. to advertise.

This month the let us place not one, but two full pages of thermal-insualtion goodness.

Thermal Structures, DPNA 1 Thermal Structures, DPNA 2

The headline of page 1 follows a foundational advertising formula: create a need, then fill that need with your product. Or, as one of our favorite clients who shall remain unnamed once said, “Create Fear, Then Security.”

Buckledown At The Trade Shows

08/29/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

Trade shows are officially in season. At the moment Buckle Down’s at Magic and right after they’re headed to ASR. We created some new booth artwork for this years’ shows.

Backseat Buckledown Buckledown Banner

I’m quite fond of “At Home in the Backseat”, because, well, it’s both a pun on seatbelt belts and a double entendre. Which is like, wordplay squared. Zing!

Doing Direct Mail Right

08/19/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

We believe in direct mail, when it’s done properly. Everybody throws away tons of junk mail, but by fallowing a few guidelines you can help ensure that your piece of direct mail won’t be tossed.

To be effective, a piece of direct mail must:

  • Target a very specific demographic
  • Request a specific action of that demographic
  • Appeal to that specific demographic with a compelling offer

Coincidentally, it just so happens that we’ve recently created a couple pieces that adhere to those guidelines.

Cellular Skate Back to School Direct Mail MJK Restaurant Direct Mail Piece

The first postcard advertises a Back to Shool sale for Cellular Skateshop. The piece comes with the opportunity to win a Wii to customers who visit the store during the sale along with significant savings on popular brands. It was delivered only to a list of previous Cellular customers.

The 2nd postcard was delivered only to high-end area restaurants and explains that good interior design has a strong effect on a restaurant’s bottom line. It encourages the restaurants to call Mary Jane Kempton Interior Design for a free design consultation.

Both postcards were just sent out this week, so it’s too early to judge their effectiveness. A good direct mail run generally generates a 1-3% effective response rate, but with such targeted lists we’re hoping to do a bit better.

The Skies — Now More Friendly

08/19/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

For the past few months we’ve been working with KAPCO|VALTEC, a commercial aviation supply manufacturer and distributor. When your Boeing needs a new washer, you call KAPCO|VALTEC.

While KAPCO|VALTEC manufacturers and distributes a very high quality of aviation grommets and widgets, it’s hard to get even the most dedicated airline supply buyer excited about grommets and widgets. That’s why, from the very beginning, we’ve been trying to remind consumers that KAPCO|VALTEC doesn’t just sell supplies, but sells the dream of flight.

Kapco Valtec Folder Front Kapco Valtec Folder Open Kapco Valtec Open With Flap

Enter the corporate brochure we designed. You’ll notice that every time we’ve put in a widget or grommet, it’s juxtaposed against imagery of flight. See where we’re going with this?

Born Again Seatbelts

08/13/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

We just finished the design of Buckle Down’s 2008/2009 Seatbelt Belt Catalog. Buckle Down takes real seatbelts out of real cars, then turns them into belt buckles for the likes of you and me.

Buckledown Seatbelt Belt Catalog - Front Cover Buckledown Seatbelt Belt Catalog - Back Cover

Buckledown Seatbelt Belt Catalog - Index

The challenge of creating this catalog was that the product’s timeline and budget didn’t allow for shooting with models. So, instead of having a model establish the catalog’s personality, we let the products do it for themselves. The catalog’s color pallate, textures, graphics, typography and text all communicate the authetntic, gritty and automotive feel of Buckledown’s Seatbelt belts.

Model shoots can make communicating a product’s personality easy, but this catalog proves that easy isn’t awlays better.

Head over to our flickr gallery to see a few more spreads from the catalog.

Selling Soles

08/11/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

Shoes. We love ‘em. Which is why we like working with Matisse. Matisse designs and manufacturers ladies fashion footwear. Earlier this year they let us redesign their website. Here’s what we came up with.

So, what’s special about this site? A couple things. It was built on a completely custom database-based content managment system, which allowed us complete flexibility in the design while still giving Matisse the ability to easily make updates and changes. We also designed the site from the ground up around custom photography, which let us make a design that we can ensure will be absolutely unique to Matisse.

Mr. Dea’s Wild Ride

08/04/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

Recently Ray Pustinger, the CEO of Precision-Lighting, invited Mr. Dea, AKA, Mark, out for some off road fun.

Behold as both Ray and Mark ford a turbulent body of water::

Now if only we could figure out which item to bill Precision under for “Riding Motorcycles Through The Desert.”

Impressive guys, I can barely keep all four wheels of my car on the ground.

Yes, that’s right, I am a crappy driver and proud of it.

For my Rules of the Road, formulated during my daily commute, read on.


Check Your Mailboxes

08/04/2008 by Andrew Hoehn

We know that many of you are avid readers of Metro Magazine, the leading North American publication for Mass Transit Engineers.  Well, when you receive your copy of the August issue, be sure to flip to the Thermal Structures ad we designed.

Just in case you’ve allowed your subscription to lapse, you can check out our ad below.

Thermal Structures August Metro Ad

What makes this ad so special? I’m glad you asked. First, it simplifies a complex issue. There’s not an obvious A-B connection between more stringent emission standards and thermal insulation, but this ad manages to connect those two issues and explain why you can’t have one without the other. It’s like a shortened version of “Emissions Standards and Thermal Insulation for Dummies.”

Second, just look at all that copy! I mean, how often do you see whole paragraphs and paragraphs in a magazine ad? Not often enough in my opinion. It’s a beautiful thing.