Finding the right B2B marketing and advertising agency in Los Angeles can be a challenge, but we’re here to help. 

B2B marketing both is and is not just like consumer-focused marketing. On the one hand, B2B decision makers are just like consumers. They have preferences. They value personality, authenticity, and even fun. The people making purchasing decisions for B2B products are just like you and me: people. 

On the other hand, things are a bit different for B2B advertising. Often, sales cycles are longer and involve more decision makers. The price tags are typically higher, but that potential comes with more due diligence, more input from more people, and constraints on how your customers can do business. 

Never mind the fact that some B2B products can be incredibly complex. 

If you’re selling a candy bar or a pair of sneakers, pretty much everyone understands the thing you’re trying to sell them. But, what if you’re selling a piece of complex enterprise-grade SAAS or a highly engineered piece of manufacturing equipment? 

Chances are, you need to explain what you’re selling before you can explain why your version of the thing you’re selling is the best. 

This is where a B2B-specific marketing agency can help. 

We’ve surveyed the top B2B marketing and advertising agencies in Los Angeles and put together a list of our top choices based on criteria like experience, client roster, reviews, and capabilities. 

Major B2B Marketing Industry Sectors in Los Angeles

Before getting to our list of top Los Angeles B2B marketing agencies, let’s take a look at the types of businesses that are likely to be searching for an agency in Los Angeles. 


The LA Metro is home to Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony, and hundreds of other entertainment industry employers. While most of this sector’s marketing is targeted at consumers, there are still plenty of roles for B2B marketing in Los Angeles’s entertainment sector, from tools used in film production to internal industry campaigns and B2B services within the industry. 

Healthcare & Bioscience

The healthcare sector is, by employees, Los Angeles’s largest, employing more than 226,000 people. This includes major hospitals like UCLA, USC, Kaiser, and Cedars-Sinai, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson, AbbVie, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, which are either headquartered or have a major presence in Los Angeles. Like other sectors, healthcare and bioscience will typically utilize B2C and B2B marketing. 


Home to LAX, the 5th busiest airport in the country, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles has a thriving aerospace and defense industry. Recognizable names like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman all have a major presence in the city. And, essentially all of their aerospace marketing falls into the B2B category. 

Why Hire a B2B-Specialist Marketing Agency in Los Angeles? 

There are a few reasons you might want to hire a B2B-specialist marketing agency from Los Angeles. 

The first is that Los Angeles has its own business culture that’s distinct from the rest of the county. A local marketing agency will be able to better understand and capitalize on the nuances of that culture. 

Second, you might want to hire an LA-based B2B marketing agency if you’re targeting customers who are headquartered in the LA metro. A local agency will have unique insight into those customers. 

Finally, Los Angeles has a unique creative culture and an unparalleled amount of creative talent. The best B2B campaigns often don’t feel like B2B marketing. If you’re looking for high-quality creative from your B2B agency partner, picking a LA-based agency is likely to give you better results. 

Our List of Top B2B Marketing Agencies in Los Angeles

  1. Echo-Factory

Growth-targeted Los-Angeles B2B Marketing Agency

Differentiator: With their unique, growth-targeted “marketing department in a box” model, Echo-Factory works closely with B2B clients to realize their clients’ goals. Echo-Factory has been delivering growth-based marketing for B2B clients in the LA metro and beyond for 15+ years. 

Perfect For: B2B-focused companies who are looking for a proven partner who combines the role of marketing consultant, advertising agency, and in-house marketing department. 

About: Based in Pasadena with a 15+ year history of B2B marketing, Echo-Factory has an impressive track record of delivering growth. They’ve worked with an impressive portfolio of companies around Los Angeles in manufacturing, cleantech, entertainment, healthcare, aerospace, and other industries. 

Echo-Factory offers their B2B clients a range of services, from growth planning and strategies to branding and brand-transformations, campaign development and media buying, sales support and lead generation, event-based marketing, and website and digital-experience development. 

Echo-Factory also has a significant amount of experience helping their clients grow through mergers and acquisitions. The company has helped clients through more than 30 M&A events, with the majority of those in the B2B space. The agency also touts the impressive length of their client relationships, some of which have lasted for more than 15 years, and which average more than 2 times the industry average. 

Outside of pure B2B spaces, Echo-Factory also works with some B2C-focused brands in healthcare, consumer goods, and food and beverage industries. 

Headquarters: Pasadena, CA

Team Size: 30+ Employees

Key Services: Growth Strategy Development & Implementation, Brand Development and Management, Content Creation and Marketing, Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Lead Generation and Conversion Optimization, Event-Based Marketing, Employee Recruitment & Internal Marketing, M&A Marketing

LA B2B Marketing Case Studies: 

Representative B2B Clients

  • Proponent (Commercial-Aviation Distribution) 
  • Motiv Space Systems (Space-Based Robotics) 
  • CPM (Industrial Manufacturing Equipment)
  • Alkegen (Industrial Filtration and Battery Technology)
  • LiteGear (Film and Television Lighting) 

  1. d2Hispanic

A Hispanic Media Agency Focused on Latinos and Spanish-speaking Audiences. 

Differentiator: An agency specialized in D2C and B2B​ campaigns targeting immigrant, first-generation, and “billenial” Hispanics.

Perfect For: B2B brands focused on Hispanic, Latino, and Spanish-speaking targets. 

About: D2H is technically named “D2H Partners” — but, in their own words, “Everybody calls us D2Hispanic”. D2H offers both original and re-purposed content that’s designed to help brands connect with an audience that represents 49% of Los Angeles’s population. 

The agency is a minority-owned and female-owned business that’s been operating since 2014. 

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA & Woodbridge, IL

Team Size: 8+ Employees

Key Services: Hispanic-Targeted Marketing, Spanish Language Marketing, Direct-Response TV, Digital Marketing

  1. Album Agency

Creative Agency with Their Own Surf Brand. 

Differentiator: Album practices what they preach. In 2002, their co-founder turned his surfboard-making hobby into a surf brand, also named Album. 

Perfect For: Brands looking to blend a bit of authentic California surf culture into their B2B marketing. 

About: It’s appropriate that Album is not headquartered in LA’s downtown financial district, Hollywood, or tech-focused Santa Monica. Instead, Album put its roots in the Orange County surf town of San Clemente. In their own words, they’ve been helping build brands for 21 years, “minus all the time spent in the ocean.” 

Headquarters: San Clemente, CA

Team Size: 4+ Employees

Key Services: Brand Positioning, Identity Development, Branded Tools, Brand Guidance, Design Maintenance, Creative Content

  1. True North Social

Social Media Management Agency with B2B Expertise

Differentiator: True North Social focuses on one thing: creating compelling, engaging social media content for their clients. 

Perfect For: B2B brands looking to create compelling content on social media. 

About: True North Social describes themselves as being “fully committed to building organic social media communities.” They believe that content is key, and work with their clients to plan and produce social media content that ties to business growth and awareness. 

Headquarters: Culver City, CA

Team Size: 18+ 

Key Services: Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Instagram Marketing, Influencer Marketing

  1. Media Playground PR

PR Agency with a Focus on Fashion 

Differentiator: Experienced PR agency that focuses on fashion and lifestyle brands.

Perfect For: B2B brands in need of PR who operate in the fashion and lifestyle space. 

About: Media Playground PR was founded in 2003 as a Los-Angeles-based public relations firm. They focus on building brands’ global exposure through systematic outreach. They have more than 30 years of combined experience through their co-founders Kimberly Goodnight and Eric Martin. 

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Team Size: 11+

Key Services: Public Relations, Media Outreach, Public Relations Strategy

  1. Vision

LA-Based Modeling Agency

Differentiator: Represents a tremendous amount of modeling talent available for B2B brands to use in marketing campaigns. 

Perfect For: B2B brands looking for top-level modeling talent to use in their marketing

About: VISION Los Angeles was founded in 1999, as a boutique-styled high fashion and beauty agency. The agency represents men, women, and nonbinary models and actors who have appeared in campaigns for B2C brands like Lexus, Capital One, Porsche, and Chevrolet, as well as B2B campaigns for forward-thinking companies like Trinet.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Team Size: 40+ 

Key Services: Talent Booking, Models, Talent Management

  1. VeracityColab

LA-Based Video Production Agency

Differentiator: Video production agency with a strong B2B client list.

Perfect For: B2B brands that are looking to create engaging video marketing

About: VeracityCollab has been working with brands to create video content for more than 15 years. They pride themselves on their repeat customer performance and utilize a time-tested approach that’s targeted on their video content working. 

They have a strong roster of B2B clients, including Medallia, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Adobe, and BetterCloud. 

Headquarters: Newport Beach, CA

Team Size: 10+ Employees

Key Services: Video Production, Product Showcase Videos, Explainer Videos, Educational Videos, Sales Videos

Picking the Right B2B Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

We’re a bit biased, but we’ve worked to develop Echo-Factory into a leading partner for our B2B clients. We’re based in Los Angeles (well, Pasadena).  We’ve got a track record of helping our B2B clients grow.  A couple examples?  We helped Proponent grow into the world’s largest independent aerospace distributor  over the course of a decade-long relationship.  We also helped Birch Creek Energy grow so quickly they were recognized as the 3rd fastest growing privately held company in the country in 2023. 
Whether you’re a B2B brand looking for a marketing partner to deliver steady, long-term growth, or rapid, intensive growth, Echo-Factory can help.  Talk with us today.

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