Uncategorized Aug 10, 2012

The Summer’s Weirdest Commercials

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably already seen several of the summer’s big blockbusters. But, have you seen the latest ads? We’re willing to bet you haven’t which is why we took it upon ourselves to go through all the summer’s ads and select the top five weirdest ones. Watch and see what you think.

#1 Little Babies Ice Cream
Who can say no to ice cream on a hot day? You can after watching this incredibly creepy ad.

#2 Velodrome
Created for the Olympic building of the same name, this has to be one of the craziest ads ever made, but if you can’t get the word Velodrome out of your head after watching it then the ad’s done its job.

#3 Hane’s
Sure, kittens have really sharp tiny nails that scratch the hell out of you, but most shirts do that anyways, right? No matter how bizarre, the ad serves its purpose; it makes you want to buy a Hanes shirt if only to see if it really is softer than a kitten.

#4 Applegate
Men dressed up as meat doing drugs? Yes, please. However, Applegate’s point is well-made; if you don’t use drugs, your meat shouldn’t either.

#5 Ragu
Positioning Ragu as the food you give your kid when you feel guilty that he’s just seen you have sex seems counterintuitive to the family friendly message Ragu has been trying to send for years. Plus, what kid in their right mind would be comforted by processed pasta sauce? These situations are why ice cream exists.

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