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Creative Outlets Make Us More Creative

At Echo-Factory, we all have creative outlets – activities that allow us to express our creativity freely without rules, billable hours or time constraints. Creative outlets provide inspiration, helping you come up with new ideas or put a fresh spin on old ones. The more creative you are outside of the office, the easier it becomes to be creative while on the job. 

Here’s the creative stuff we do when we’re not at work.

Dea designs jewelry from natural and found materials. Making jewelry started out as a hobby for her, but it’s become a lucrative endeavor. Her jewelry was picked up by Indigo Art Gallery in New Mexico last year and has been flying out of display cases ever since.

Mike’s hobby also turned profitable. He began taking photos at an early age and eventually started his own photography studio. But, his expertise doesn’t stop with the camera. He’s also really good at taking embarrassing shots of others on his iPhone. Well, to be fair, it’s only embarrassing if you’re the one in the picture.

Ray’s a bit of a photographer himself. He takes pictures of wildlife, abandoned homesteads and other scenery when he rides through the California desert on his dirt bike. 

Mustafa spends most of his free time trying to make it big in Hollywood. He’s actually come close – he almost landed a role on Entourage a few years back. He’d like you to know he’s available for autographs anytime.

Then, there’s Andrew who’s writing the next great American novel. He won’t tell us what the story’s about but we have a feeling dragons will play a huge part.

Denise is addicted to Draw Something, a mobile app that lets you show off your verbal and artistic skills in order to beat your friends. If she ever asks you to play, don’t. Trust us when we say you’ll only get hurt.

And, though Carl’s our agency’s version of the Hulk, he’s got the soul of an artist. He paints, draws and works on large-scale mixed media projects.

Roni likes to get together with her girlfriends and knit. We keep hoping she’ll knit scarves for the whole office. So far that hasn’t happened.

As for me, I’ve been writing comedic monologues about life in the South versus life in California. It’s a good way to laugh at myself. For instance, I thought macaroni and cheese was a vegetable until I moved here. Frightening? Yes. But, also pretty damn funny.

If you don’t already have a creative outlet, think about getting one. It will make you think more creatively, and any job can benefit from more of that.

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