The 59th Annual NALMCO Convention and Tradeshow

Ready to talk shop?

Some of you might remember last year when we went all the way down to sunny Florida to set up a booth at the NALMCO Convention and Tradeshow. Well, this year we did it again, but this year NALMCO was is in our own backyard in Rancho Mirage, California. Like last year’s booth, we had a lot of fun coming up with the idea, and then we had a blast hanging out with NALMCO members.

As an ad agency we know the value of social networking. So our advice to businesses: embrace it. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+ allow businesses to show all the different faces of their company to customers and potential customers.

Different social media sites have different associations. While a site like Facebook offers a relaxed peek at people who work at your company, a site like LinkedIn provides a deep look at the professional successes of your company. As our concept for a NALMCO booth materialized, so did our mascot with multiple personalities. Please meet Mr. John Social Media Doe in all his forms.


We handed out postcards at the show of John hanging out in all his favorite joints. The postcards also had all sorts of helpful tips and facts about each site.

While people learned all about the different versions of John, they got to see a different version of themselves, in cartoon form. On Sunday night, we had caricature artists sketch out visitors to our booth.

Finally at the end of the convention we created a quick video that caught some of the best moments.

Thanks NALMCO members for making the show a place we love coming back to every year.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, we mean business.