Introducing AllClear

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Monday, we had the honor of helping one of our client’s make news in the aerospace defense sustainment industry. On the off chance you don’t keep tabs on that specific sector, we’ll bring you up to speed.

First, a little background on the industry. Imagine you’re a US ally that operates US manufactured military aircraft.. Maybe you’re a procurement officer for the  Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) charged with helping to maintain and modernize your fleet of F-16s, or you’re part of the South African Air Force and need to maintain your fleet of C-130 transport planes.

In both cases, you need access to, spares, upgrades and repairs with faster turnaround times to keep your fleet flying and mission-ready..

The companies that provide access to those parts and services are defense aerospace sustainment providers. And as of Monday, that space is now dominated by AllClear.

Back in early 2020, two of the industry’s most respected providers came together when Aero Precision acquired Kellstrom Defense. Shortly after that, we began working with the companies to develop and launch a new brand.

This was one of our most thoroughly researched brand discovery processes to date. Between Echo-Factory and our partners, over 100 employees, partners and customers were interviewed and surveyed. After collecting all that data, we processed it and worked closely with the Aero Precision and Kellstrom Defense executive teams to come up with the new brand.

The results speak for themselves. AllClear is now strongly positioned as the military aftermarket industry’s leading sustainment provider. 

It’s been an honor to be part of this process. Even as an agency that works with lots of dedicated clients, we’ve been blown away at the dedication, and commitment that every AllClear employee shows to helping their customers maintain a state of mission-readiness. We’re thrilled to keep working with them as they continue to grow.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, we mean business.