It’s easy for consumers to see healthcare as a big, monolithic entity that is full of intimidating technology and indecipherable jargon. We help our healthcare clients cut through all that, and bring forward the caring people, life-changing technology and compassionate health systems that we can all identify with.

Pivoting From Genetic Testing to COVID Testing
Fulgent rapidly developed and, with the help of Echo-Factory, deployed a number of COVID-19 solutions.
The company’s at-home testing kits enable individuals to take COVID-19 tests from the comfort of their own homes and get results in as little as 2 days.
Hospital Marketing
Sometimes, even the most recognized, awarded, innovative and committed institutions can be overlooked by the communities they serve. For more than 125-years, Huntington Hospital has been providing nationally recognized care to the San Gabriel Valley. But in an increasingly crowded digital and traditional media environment, the hospital needed to stand out from the competition.

We worked closely with Huntington Hospital’s internal marketing team to develop messaging, an updated website and digital and traditional marketing campaigns that are helping to improve visibility of the nonprofit hospital’s critical service lines, and bring lifesaving care to the communities they serve.
Healthcare Merger & Public Relations
How do you bring together two of the leading institutions in orthopedic and sports medicine, with one of the country's leading academic healthcare organizations? With a lot of care, forethought, and planning.

By working closely with the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic, the Santa Monica Orthopaedic Group and Cedars-Sinai, we were able to help patients, providers, and the public understand that the merger brought together the best of all three institutions while preserving what made them unique.

Float Therapy
Located just down the street from us in Pasadena is Just Float, the world’s most advanced float center. The state-of-the-art facility offers clients the uniquely transformative experience of weightlessness. In a warm, clean, luxury float tank, clients can relax and rejuvenate their bodies and minds, free from the sights, sounds, and distractions of daily life.
Medical Software Marketing
ePreop's software is transforming the operating room by improving outcomes, reducing delays and cancellations and boosting efficiency. We helped ePreop create their brand, introduce their solutions to healthcare executives and providers, and expand their services to leading medical institutions around the country.
Introducing The Future of Healthcare in the High Desert
For more than 50 years, St. Mary Medical Center in Apple Valley has been a critical part of the High Desert community’s health. When they started planning a brand new $261-million medical center, they knew they'd need the support of partners, and the public. They asked Echo-Factory to help out.
Alumni Fundraising
The project started out as a simple invitation, but we saw the opportunity to expand it to a full-fledged campaign that reached UCLA Health alumni with a compelling message about the impact their support could have. The response was strong enough that we were asked back the following year to reprise our role as effective fundraisers for UCLA Health and the David Geffen School of Medicine.