Uncategorized Sep 28, 2012

Will Tweet for Food

Every now and again, we run across an idea that’s just too freaking cool not to talk about. Today’s idea is trading tweets for food. That would never happen, you say. Ridiculous idea, you say. Nope, it’s real and it’s happening right now in London.

Kellogg’s has opened up a pop-up store (a retail space that only opens for a short-time) and is exchanging bags of its new Special K cracker chips for tweets about the product. People can go to the store, pick a tweet from one of the three pre-written tweets or write their own, send the tweet and then get a free bag of chips.

Needless to say, Kellogg’s twitter account has gotten a lot of tweets since they opened the tweet shop, not to mention lots of free publicity. The company’s strategy is definitely something to consider when you’re looking to increase positive tweets about your product or service.

We’re hoping other brands follow the Kellogg’s example, and start using tweets as currency too. We’d gladly tweet for an iPhone 5 or a bike helmet, hell, who are we kidding, we’d tweet for anything free. And, that’s the point, give people an incentive to like your product, i.e. giving it to them for free, and they’ll probably tweet good things about you later on.


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