Ad Industry Jul 05, 2013

Our Love Affair With Infographics

Visual representations of information have been around, well, since hieroglyphics. However, in the last couple of years there has been a surge of graphic information used to inform, entertain and educate across all venues from social media to journalism and even in higher education.

Infographics are great for lots of reasons, but there are a number of reasons they shine above plain old written information.

They Are Easy To “Read”
We are all guilty of scanning. It’s sort of how we read information now, especially online and in poster form.

The nice thing about infographics is that they chunk details together and organize it perfectly so valuable information jumps out. A written statement just can’t allow for that level of speed and comprehension.

They Communicate Effectively.
A good solid infographic has the ability to communicate through a combination of graphics, patterns and words. Viewers can follow subconscious cues through graphics and retain information in seconds rather than minutes.

Plus, studies have shown that humans respond positively to information with colors and visuals, and find themselves better able to follow instructions when directions use graphics.

They Cater To An Increasingly Important Type Of Comprehension
Beyond looking super cool, infographics narrow in on an important cognitive process that uses graphics to enhance the visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

In other words, visual literacy as a skill is becoming increasingly valuable as the information sharing network becomes faster and smaller. We rely less and less on traditional language cues for information, and more on visual representations of language. Reading a symbol and assigning meaning to it is quickly becoming a universal language.

From The Creative Side, They Are Exciting
Graphics in general capture attention; human brains are built to process things visually. When visuals are combined with information, there is no limit to what an infographic can do. With some skill, they can share information in a more engaging and effective way.

Put simply, they are fun to read, fun to make and exciting to share.

Celebrate and Embrace Infographics

Echo-Factory had dabbled a bit in these forms, and they’ve been wildly successful for getting the word out to clients, customers and our friends.

Here are some helpful tips for creating an infographic:

-Use your design skills to make it great. An important rule is: show, don’t tell.
-Think beyond the bar graph. Why use the graphing skills you learned in second grade when you’ve got millions of icons at your finger tips?
-Use colors to your advantage. You’d be surprised how much they enhance or detract from an image.
-Tell a story. The thing people like best, right after graphics, is narrative.
-Or, just give us a call, and we’ll help make one for you.

Too Much to read? For an interactive infographic about infographics, check out this link. We promise it will be exciting!

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