Uncategorized Feb 26, 2013

We’re 5. For Reals.

This week marks the 5th anniversary of Echo-Factory.  5-years ago to the day that Dea, in the middle of a recession, walked away from her cushy job as a creative director and into what was then Mike’s photography Studio. 5-years ago from the day that Mike decided to pivot his successful Photography studio into an ad-agency where success was far from guaranteed. 5-years ago to the day that Mike & Dea decided to take a big risk on doing a big thing. 

Things were different back then.  Mike & Dea crammed themselves into an office the size of a small walk-in closet, then squeezed Andrew into the same room a couple months later.  Denise, Carl and a few other creatives were crowded into an equally small and very inadequately air conditioned room on the other side of what were then the Echo-Factory offices. 

Our mantra for client meetings back in those days was, “Don’t worry, we’d be happy to drive out to your place.”  Because God knows we didn’t want anyone to see ours. 

Today, 5-years and some 3,500 odd projects later, things are a bit different.  We’ve got a bit more elbow room, a much larger portfolio and bookshelf full of awards.  But we never would have made it here without the help of our clients. 

As we look back, we wanted to take a minute to say a special thank you to the clients who signed-on with a brand-new Echo-Factory 5-years ago and are still with us today.  Clients like [P2], Kali, KAPCO, Troy Lee, Thermal Structures and Gensun Casual. Clients who took a chance 5-years ago on a brand new agency with lots of passion, and a very small portfolio. 

Over the last 5-years, we’ve grown.  And we’d like to think that it’s more than a coincidence that those early clients, without exception, have outpaced us with their growth. 

To all the clients and friends who helped us get here, thank you so much. 
Here’s to the next 5-years. 

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