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The 3D Printer, Coming to a Household Near You.

The buzz surrounding 3D printing is undeniable. From jewelry to weapons, the new technology is guaranteed to change everything we know about manufacturing, product creation and even design.

The possibilities behind the 3D printer are astounding. Think about it, an idea can become a product immediately, and the only cost is design and prototyping. Once the product catches on in the market, old manufacturing techniques are available for mass production, but there is a low-cost experimental stage that requires very little in terms upfront cost (aside from the printer price tag). The technology just makes sense for both consumers and manufacturers.

How Will It Change Advertising?
Well, we’ve got a couple theories in the works.

First, We’ve Got To Keep Up
One thing is certain, the 3D printer is really something advertisers need to embrace, and soon.

Everyone knows that in order for advertising to work, we need to be informed on the latest of everything, from trends to technology. Clearly, as technology offers faster solutions and immediate gratification, our jobs become increasingly fast paced.

Unlike our advertising forefathers, we’re under a different kind of deadline; we’re expected to reach customers as quickly as possible and as creatively as possible, but our deadline relies on the speed of the evolving technology of our society.

Second, We’ve Got To Encourage
Once we become experts in 3D printing, we’ve got to get our clients to realize its potential. Just like we’ve convinced clients to utilize the endless possibilities of social media, we’re going to have to do the same for 3D printing (and the technology after that, and the technology after that).

The consumer today expects more than what it used to. They have the world at their fingertips, and get to choose where their dollar goes more than ever. Consumers love the idea of tweaking or designing their own version of a product and having it printed especially for them, and it’s not long before they’ll not only be impressed by 3D printing, they will come to expect it. 

Finally, We’ve Got To Produce
Right now advertising agencies are making lots of pretty things to look at, clever things to read, and interesting things to hear. Next we have to make things to touch. We’re talking about tangible items that fill in a marginalized gap somewhere between physical craft and virtual craft.

The challenge is that the things we print can’t be tchotchkes that offer nothing, they have to be pieces of design that encourage, inspire and enlighten.

Go ahead and learn more with this awesome video:

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