Uncategorized Dec 20, 2012

Happy Holidays From Echo-Factory!

So, another year has come to an end. Rather than spend a lot of time telling you all about this last year, and probably getting way too nostalgic about all the great stuff we’ve done, we wanted to fill you in on what we’ve got planned for next year.

We’re talking New Year’s Resolutions.

Here Are Our Hopes for the Coming Year:

Andrew: “This upcoming year I hope to steal more client SWAG.”

Ronni: “I’m going to run more, and then make it through a half-marathon without crying.”

Carl: “This year I promise to eat more cookies.”

Mustafa: “After much consideration, I’ve decided to let go of my man-crush on Ryan Gosling.” (With tears in his eyes clutching a copy of Drive)

Mike: “I’d like to develop an accent from Boston”.

Sarah: “I’m going to learn how to tap dance. Actually, I already know how. New Year’s resolution resolved.”

Ray: “Internal fallacies aside, I resolve not to have a resolution.”

Sydnee: “I’m going to stop wasting my Netflix subscription on Hoarders: Buried Alive.”

Dea: “I’m going to make more time to think up a New Year’s resolution.”

Denise: “This year I will finally get inside the Magic Castle.

Keep checking in with us to track our successes!

Happy Holidays from Echo-Factory

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