A Grammy Winner + A Credit Union + Echo-Factory = Lots Of Win

Ready to talk shop?

What do Taylor Swift, Altura Credit Union and Echo-Factory all have in common? Generally, not too much, but right now they’re all key components of an advertising campaign.

Late last year Altura created a checking account for 18-24 year olds and we helped them brand it as iChecking. As great of a product as iChecking is, 18-24 year olds don’t have much natural interest in financial products.

So, we created a contest – sponsored by Altura and iChecking – that will give one lucky Taylor Swift fan a chance to meet the Grammy-winning star.

Then we created a radio, outdoor, print & web campaign that promoted the contest and tied together iChecking and Taylor Swift. To prove that it worked, we funneled the Taylor fans to text messages and a custom-built website, both of which are hooked to advanced tracking software so Altura can see exactly what our campaign did for them.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, we mean business.