The aerospace industry is massive, complex and often difficult for outsiders to understand. Luckily, we’ve been aerospace industry insiders for over a decade. Today, we work with some fantastic aerospace, aviation and defense clients, helping them grow, expand and communicate in ways that help them meet their goals.

Introducing a Space-Capable Robotic Arm System
Going to space is expensive, and for a long time, everyone assumed it had to be that way. Then, as commercial spaceflight began to take shape, suddenly balance sheets were at the front of everyone’s mind.
Introducing the Biggest Name in Defense Sustainment
When Aero Precision acquired Kellstrom Defense in early 2020, two of the biggest names in aerospace defense sustainment came together to form the industry's new leader. And they came to Echo-Factory to help them launch the new brand that would redefine their companies, and their industry.
Aerospace Distribution
Proponent has been a client since 2008. In fact, they were one of Echo-Factory’s first clients, and they have remained with us as they have seen explosive growth over the years, recently merging with their biggest competitor to form the world’s largest independent aerospace distribution company. This merger led to the decision to create a new brand to reflect the new scale and strategies of the company.