What We’ve Been Up To

All of our closest friends and loyal blog followers already know that we’ve been lucky enough to have Last Name Brewing as a client. It’s pretty much the biggest win-win situation ever. We get to get really creative with delicious beer, and then after that, we get to drink it. Sometimes we reverse that order too.

So after months of working, we’ve launched the new brand and we’re all really happy with the results. Here’s the exciting story of how it all came together:

Dale Bros Brewery is owned by two brothers, Curt and Andy Dale. They make delicious beer right here in Upland. For the last ten years, they’ve been serving the community tasty sips and over that time they’ve developed quite the following. People love them for their commitment to the community, their passion for beer perfection and their quirky and unique personalities (think tie-die Fridays and hand-made tap handles).

As we got to know Andy and Curt we realized that they were interested in doing things their own way. They didn’t care about beer awards (even though they’ve totally won a bunch), or the trends of microbreweries. All they cared about was making beer that tasted good and that people enjoyed. They were sort of the black sheep of breweries. That’s how we came up with the new logo: two black sheep.

We kept their personalities in mind as we wrote the descriptions and narrative for the labels and website, and we’re really excited that the new work will be coming out around the first of the year.

Until then, here’s a little peek of what’s to come on an invitation for this Saturday’s Hoppy Holidays Event. We hope you can make it also.