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Top thought leadership publication TheNativeSociety interviewed our very own CEO, Mike Schaffer, last week to learn more about him and the Echo-Factory team. (Did we mention that we’re kind of a big deal?)

Check out the full article in the NativeAdVice section of the site at this link. Tantalizing tales of treachery, powerfully poignant pontificating and, best of all, loads of insightful advice are yours for the taking, free of charge. Don’t believe me? Here’s a mere sampling of the wisdom to be had:

Want to build better brands?

“Consumers are more skeptical than ever, which means that brands have to work harder than ever to earn their trust. It also means that if you find a way to do it right, if you can figure out how your brand can add value to people’s lives and not just extract money from their wallets, you’re going to really stand out from the crowd.”

Or what about a truly fulfilling career in advertising?

“Work with people you like. Be nice. Don’t take shit from anyone.”

Go. Be enlightened at this link, now!