Workaholics: A conspiracy theory

Ready to talk shop?

Since I started working at Echo-Factory,  I’ve involuntarily become a member of the Workaholic fan club. Being a Workaholics fan club member is not something the guys take lightly around here. Members must participate in Wednesday morning recaps; if you didn’t watch the show, you are kicked out. Members must use the Workaholics adopted language at least twice a day.  If you don’t, you get the ax. Lastly, you must perform one Workaholics inspired prank each week. If your performance lacks creativity, you’re cut.

During this morning’s recap, we realized the large amount of similarities between Echo-Factory and Workaholics. For example, out of all the places in the United States to have a TV show take place, they chose Rancho Cucamonga, which ironically is where our office is located, weird. Secondly, two weeks after Mustafa writes a blog about his continuous search for Choco Tacos, Workaholics makes reference to them on the show. Interesting. Lastly, there are three main characters on the show, and oddly enough, there are three guys here that are usually responsible for all the mischievous acts that take place. Andres, Adam and Blake, Mike, Mustafa and Carl. By Chance, I think not. 

Yes, this might all sound coincidental, but now it makes sense why the guys here like the show so much. It’s because Comedy Central based the show on us. I mean, we are pretty fun people, and we know how to throw a mean Frat Friday Fiesta, so I think we would be the perfect muses for a comedy show. So, we have a proposition for you, Comedy Central– remove your spy from Echo-Factory, we always thought there was something a little suspicious about Denise, and let’s join forces!



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