Somebody’s Rocking

Ready to talk shop?

Things have been happening – things which we weren’t entirely sure we could share with the public. But one way or another, things seem to have become public.

Over the holidays, Dea talked to a friend who was working on a new kind of MIDI guitar – one that solved the problems MIDI guitars have had for years, and one that would be compatible with Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Garage Band and other popular programs. So Dea asked her friend if he might need some marketing materials and we got to work.

We started with the logo. We wanted it to be clearly “rock’ish”, without frightening off parents who might want to buy the guitar for their children. Here’s what we created.

Next, we managed to swipe a prototype for product shots. Like so:

And finally – we put together some demo-packaging for the You Rock sales team to show around CES. We can’t show you the whole thing, but here’s a sample.

We think the product is pretty brilliant, and we’re excited to get involved this early in the game. Hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more You Rock Guitar work here in the not too distant future. You can find some more info about the You Rock Guitar over on it’s page at EZ Gear.

When it comes to advertising and marketing, we mean business.