Rockview Farms – Our Newest Client

Ready to talk shop?

Echo-Factory today announced that it has been named agency of record for Rockview Family Farms, a leading dairy products company operating facilities throughout Southern California and Nevada. Rockview owns its farms and cows and represents one of the last family-run and independently operated fluid milk plants in Southern California. The company offers competitively priced products with the highest quality ingredients and is set apart by its unique relational approach to customer service.

“We look forward to working with Echo-Factory to strengthen Rockview Farms’ brand in Southern California,” said Ted DeGroot, CEO. “We are impressed with their commitment to translate strategy into creative opportunities that fit our business model.”

In line with the company’s family-oriented approach, Rockview Farms’ cows are raised on their farms with room to roam in the sunshine. They are fed a diet of alfalfa hay and grains, and distinctively, the cows have never been given artificial growth hormones.

Rockview’s relational approach to customer service and very quick turnaround for local customers (48 hours between milking the cow and delivering the product) have made it a known go-to for customers who require individual attention and the flexibility of a responsive partner. Customers are also attracted to Rockview’s very competitively priced market basket of products, which includes everything from milk and butter to cottage cheese, yogurt and juice—the majority of which contain no artificial colors or flavors, corn syrup or preservatives.

Echo-Factory creative director Dea Goldsmith said, “What’s most exciting about this partnership is that it’s a blending of two incredibly similar business cultures. Over the past several decades, Rockview has built a reputation for relationship-oriented customer service—they understand the importance of top-level leadership who aren’t above rolling up their sleeves and getting into the heart of the process so they can ‘become’ what the customer needs. Echo has always taken the same approach, and it’s served us and our clients well. This is an extremely good fit for us.”

The agency’s CEO, Mike Schaffer, said, “Rockview is looking forward to adding markets and product lines. We feel like the timing for bringing on our agency couldn’t be better. It’s inspiring to be part of the change and growth of this company for a lot of reasons, but we really appreciate how deeply established Rockview is at the heart of the California agricultural industry. The company really is part of our state’s history.”

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