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Huntington Hospital is, by any measure, a fantastic institution.  For over 125 years they’ve been delivering advanced care to the San Gabriel Valley.  Today, Huntington Hospital is recognized by a host of national awards, maintains a network of over 1,000 medical providers, and provides over $100-million in community health benefits ever year.

But, even with all this success, Huntington was facing significant competition for community awareness.  As an independent not-for-profit regional hospital, larger University hospitals and national health systems often got more attention in its local market.  The hospital also faced competition from smaller regional and community hospitals with outsized marketing budgets.

So, Huntington came to us with clear goals in mind: build awareness of the hospital as a whole, and reach the people whose health can benefit the most from the unique services that Huntington provides.

Our solution started with an update to the hospital’s website.  The hospital’s previous site was hampered by a proprietary content management system that made content updates difficult, slow and costly.  We worked with Huntington to develop a new site that would present information to the community in an intuitive, accessible way, while allowing Huntington to quickly and easily post updates, and add new, relevant content to the site on an ongoing basis.

Next, we developed and implemented a cross-media campaign.  We started this process by assessing seasonal interest levels in specific services Huntington offered.  Then, we developed an integrated marketing calendar that tied our messaging for specific services, to the neighborhoods and seasons where and when we were able to predict the most interest in those services.  We then integrated that campaign with an ongoing brand campaign that reminded residents of the world-class healthcare services available to them.

While the campaign is still in its early stages, we’re already seeing positive results. Huntington is building awareness of its services, and reestablishing its critical role in the community.  Most importantly, the hospital can now better perform its mission of improving the health of the San Gabriel Valley.