Mike’s Advertising Photography Featured in Rangefinder

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Rangefinder MagazineContent from the May issue of Rangefinder Magazine just hit the internets, and features a profile of our very own Michael Schaffer and some of his work for the California Lotto, Mag Lite, Boot Barn and Troy Lee.  We’re happy to see Mike get the press, but it’s too bad the article took so long to come out.  The interview was conducted in 2008, and things at Schaffer Photography and Echo-Factory were different then. 

In 2008, Echo-Factory was still a fledgling ad agency.  Mike was doing quite a bit of photography for outside agencies, with Echo-Factory providing art-direction and other creative services.  Today the vast majority of Mike’s photography is directly for Echo-Factory clients.

The article talks about Mike’s studio in Upland – today both our agency and Mike’s studio are still in the Inland Empire, but now at our fancy new offices in Rancho Cucamonga. 

Nevertheless – it is nice to see Mike’s advertising photography recognized.  He’s received a shelf or two worth of photography awards during his career – but Rangefinder really is the publication for professional photographers. 

We just hope it doesn’t go to his head. 
Michael Schaffer, As Seen in Rangefinder Magazine
Read The Article <—Warning - that’s a PDF link. 

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